Sunday, May 27, 2007


I missed every single one of u from Malaysia...


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Science + God VS Global Warming

Round One Start:

Some leading scientists and evangelical Christian leaders have agreed to put aside their fierce differences over the origin of life and work together to fight global warming.

Source: MSNBC

I am a Christian and I believe in Science, and finally they are working together somehow and somewhere. In the mean time check this short clips from south park on how will global warming looks like when it starts.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Handphone GO KABOOM

MSNBC today reported a man was burned after his handphone ignite in his pocket. (lets hope his future is protected by his underwear) The fire started by the handphone caused a second and third degree burn on parts of his body. The fire have also caused a $75,000 damage to the property around.

This is not the first case of handphone exploding phenomena, MSNBC reported in 2005 that there is 83 cases of exploding or burning handphone over the past 2 years. Most handphone turn into ball of flame are mainly caused by some cheaplak fake battery down the street, so buy original handphoone Battery, Ur future is priceless!!


Print Your Home

Houses have become a major investment for most people who wanted to get rich fast after reading all those “Get Rich Faster” books. However not much people can afford a house easily as the construction takes time and $$$. No Fear, Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis have designed a robot that is capable in building a shell of a two-storey house in just 24 hours, and he claims “Compared to a conventional house, the speed of construction will be increased 200-fold and the building costs will be reduced to a fifth of what they are today”.

The robot costs $1.5m is inspired by inkjet printer, which builds the house layer by layer. And the coolest part is the house is just build entirely from 2 materials – Concrete and Gypsum. With this new Robo-builders out, civil engineer and construction worker can cry as their work is being taken over by Robot, however us citizen will enjoy a much cheaper house.

#P/S: As space is an issue in majority country, Condominium and Apartment have taken over majority housing construction; will scientist come out with a Condominium/Apartment builder anytime soon?

Source: Timesonline

Solar Car

UNSW Solar Racing Team Jaycar Swift III Have completed its 5 and a half days trip from Perth to Sydney. This will probably shows that the new era of free energy vehicle is nearer and nearer. Will solar power join in the battle of Alternative energy? will Solar power kick ethanol, hydrogen, hybrids, biodiesel and etc arses??

As Global Warming become worst, the sun have penatrated thru our atmosphere more, which gave birth to more power to Solar energy, when bad things come, good things follow ^^

Monday, January 15, 2007

Aircon Inverter

Finally some electronic device that helps us save Energy have arrived in Malaysia. It is not some gadget installed in ur house sold by Ah beng or Ah lian down the street.

The Panasonic Envio which is advertised a lot lately in Radio/TV. Their Inverter Technologies claims to have the capabilities to save the electic usage up to 50%!!!!, and that is a lot. So i did a search on the Inverter technologies. It is originated from Hitachi in the year of 1981, and gosh it only arrived in Malaysia the year of 2006?!?! so ULU.

Anyway i predicted that this aircon could be the best seller this year, as MSNBC claims that this year will be the hottest among the past gezillion years, what more in Malaysia?

Friday, January 05, 2007


When i am small, i am always facinated by science and invention. I tends to discover new invention over and over again. Some are Copy Paper, Aluminium Creation and etc etc. Yeah those invention are invented by others people, so it is nothing new to u all, but the fact is this, i never knew how those invention works in the first place and yet i discover how to make those. So it is interesting for me.

Lets take the copy paper for example. when i am 5 - 6, i took a paper and draw it all black with a 2B pencil and i used it over and over again to photocopy watever i write by putting the copy paper under the paper i am writting. I like it so much and show my teacher, she told me it is called as carbon paper which is used widely in stores to write receipt so that it have 2 copies. I am so sad coz i thought i first person to discover it. But hey who cares, i discover it myself without learning from others. Through my earlier days of my life i have discover many similar stuff that was discovered by otehrs already, and i am always proud to myself and said i will become a real inventor one day and discover something nobody have. But watever i am juz a IT worker today, Life SUX

At the age of 11 (standard 5), i start studying electics and how electrics works. I discover a way to generate infinite energy (prepertual motion machine). I shown my teacher, but none of them can prove me wrong and i dont have enuf tools to make the machine either. So it is alwasys on the drawing board. When i started college, the urge of recreating my infinite energy machine came back and i meet up with my frenz who willing to help me indirectly. And i used my old drawings to recreate the component and name it DCACACDC (it is read as D-CA-CA-CDC). However the project failed, watever haahahah

Today, as i was reading some article, i found that another version of DCACACDC was invented, it is called Inverter. If you buy a aircon now (the newest model), most of them come with inverter, it reduce the usage of electricity to 50%. Although it is different purpose, The inverter discovered today was used to reduce comsumption of electric, while the DCACACDC i discovered years ago is used to do Infinite Energy, but both run on same concept....

I wish i wish that one day DCACACDC or Inverter will be fully completed and we dont have to pay for electric or petrol bill anymore. Will it complete?? who knows?

My Concept: To Change a DC energy source into AC and boost the energy using transformer creating infinite energy.

Current Concept: To convert DC to AC, uses transformer as a Gearing system to reduce comsumption on electrical devices.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


when someone ask u "how many times you saw an UFO b4?"
Many will answer, it is bullshit, it is not real, hey UFO doesnt exists.

In my life, i swear i have seen 2 model b4. i named it Proton and Perodua.

The first sighting was when i am in form 4/5, roughly 7 - 8 years ago. when i am inside a LRT, roughly 8 - 9 am. our LRT passed thru the now called "KL sentral station", previously it is still under construction. At that time, i notice an Black color object (proton) flying silently above a building, i got shock and point at it, people inside the LRT station stare at me one kind as if i saw a ghost, i kept quiet and when it came out of KL central station, proton was gone.

Perodua, the second UFO i saw, 9:17am, 22Nov2006 in PJ. yes it is today!!. I was inside my car then, and i notice a Baloon flying high above the sky. A pearl color balooon, which company normally use it to promote some event at the area. I am waiting the balooon to turn to my direction, so i may know wat the balooon is about. the baloon start to move right, unlike any advertisement baloon, it doesnt seem to be tied to anywhere, it move smoothly to the right. It juz doesnt seem right to me, i try to focus more into that object, and the baloon start to deform, within a second it is vanish in thin air.

This URL show the closely resemble of wat i see: http://www.ufoevidence.org/photographs/section/recent/photo163.htm

UFO or not, judge urself.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I cant stop laughing at this pics, i dont know about u >_>